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3 Simple Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

3 Simple Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

As a business owner, you rely on your garage door every day to keep your company running smoothly. While most garage doors are built to last, without regular care, your door may suffer and break down sooner than anticipated. Just like your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles, your garage door needs regular maintenance to continue working smoothly.

Here are 3 simple maintenance tips for keeping your business’s garage door in great condition.

Overhead Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

1. Check the Components

Stand inside with the garage door closed and take a look at the components. Do you see any worn cables, broken components, or frayed wires? Do you notice any loose hardware or rusted springs? If so, you may need to schedule maintenance service.

While these seemingly small issues may not affect the performance of your garage door now, if left untreated they can create bigger problems down the road.

2. Perform a Reversing Test

Most modern garage doors have an automatic reversing mechanism that protects people and equipment in case of accidents. To test this mechanism, open your garage door, and place a small piece of wood on the floor beneath it. Then, press the close button on your automatic opener. If the door hits the piece of wood and does not reverse, the mechanism is broken.

Because of the safety hazards involved, it’s important to get this issue repaired as soon as possible by a garage door professional.

3. Carry out a Balance Test

If your door uses an automatic opener, this test will determine whether your door is out of balance. To start, close your door and disconnect the opener system.

Now, try to lift your door manually. If it’s balanced, it should lift up smoothly and stay open. If it’s hard to open or doesn’t stay open on its own, it likely has a balancing issue. Balance issues are complex problems that should be addressed by qualified door technicians.

Schedule Professional Door Maintenance

Garage doors contain a myriad of components, including high-tension springs, that can be extremely dangerous if handled improperly. While simple tests can be performed on your own, extensive maintenance and repairs should always be performed by experienced garage door technicians.

During your maintenance appointment, the door technician will

For most business owners in the Athens area, scheduling garage door maintenance once a year is sufficient to keep their doors running smoothly.

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