5 Reasons To Install An Automated Garage Door

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Automatic garage doors have become more and more commonplace in commercial businesses such as busy warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and repair shops. With everyone installing an automated garage door in their business, you might be wondering, “How can this benefit my company?”.

Installing an Automated Garage Door

Why install an automatic garage door

Increased Safety

Just like they always say, safety comes first. Older doors may require you to bend down and lift the heavy door up from the ground. This will put an immense amount of pressure on your back and knees. Closing the door can be just as risky and potentially cause injury to you or another employee. Commercial garage doors that automatically open can prevent injury by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Installing an automated garage door can also come equipped with many safety features such as motion sensors for opening and closing the door, auto-reverse if an object is in the way, and a manual garage door controller if you need to pause the automation system.

Increased Security

Automatic garage doors lock when in the down position and can only be lifted again with a keypad code, by pressing a button on the inside of the building, or a remote control. You can also install a smart device that allows you to monitor activity around your door through your smartphone, tablet, or another device.

Energy Savings

Automatic garage doors don’t consume a lot of energy so there won’t be a huge spike in the monthly utility bill. Most commercial garage doors use anywhere from a mere $2 – 32 a year on energy use. You can even upgrade your commercial automatic garage door with a new energy-saving model to save even more. Some of these strong doors are even insulated to protect against extreme cold and heat. With a commercial door, your indoor temperature stays where it needs to be – inside your building – which also helps keep your electric bills down.


Commercial garage doors are made from heavy-duty materials and can handle the significant amount of daily usage needed for an active business. These doors are designed for constant lifting and shutting and can endure the damages and harsh weather conditions expected in a commercial setting.

More Space

Installing an automated garage door lift to the ceiling for your company saves space same as an automatic garage door would in your home. Since the door does not swing open or forward to open, it doesn’t require the additional space needed for loading and unloading. These doors are a great choice for businesses working in smaller spaces.

Install an Automated Garage Door Near Athens with SDS

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