9 Tips For Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

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Your company’s garage door is an essential part of your daily business and needs routine maintenance just like any other piece of equipment. It is important to maintain your commercial garage door at least once per year to provide a more efficient work environment and reduce energy costs. We have 9 tips for commercial garage door maintenance that will help you keep the life of your doors.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance To Keep It Functioning

Tips To Help Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Garage Door

Clear Debris From Tracks

For your garage door to continue operating smoothly, the tracks and rollers must be clean. While removing debris from these areas, be sure to park any vehicles or other equipment somewhere out of the way.

Start by wiping the tracks with a soft cloth while the door is closed. Then, open the door to remove any debris from the lower set of tracks. Make sure to apply lubricant after cleaning.

Doing commercial garage door maintenance on a regular basis not only makes your business look nicer, it can reduce potential damage.

Tighten Any Loose Bolts & Screws

You will occasionally find that the bolts in your garage door have become loose. Give your door a good inspection and tighten any loose screws and bolts you find. Pay extra close attention to the brackets, hinges, and spring plates. Screw holes might have become larger, so be sure to replace the screws for a tight fight.

Check Pulleys & Cables For Wear And Tear

The pulleys and cables work together to keep your commercial door opening and closing properly. Checking for frayed cables is an important part of garage door maintenance. Clean these parts thoroughly, but do not use heavy lubricant because it will attract more dirt and debris.

Frayed cables should be replaced by a trained garage door technician. If your garage door has torsion springs, call an expert immediately as these parts store a lot of energy and can be incredibly dangerous when they break.

Hunt For Damaged Parts

Even the smallest damage to your commercial garage door can decrease its lifespan. Be sure to check the rollers, hardware, and panels for any sign of deterioration and repair them as needed.

Search For Rust

Although most newer steel doors resist rust, some of the older ones will erode with time. Be sure to check the bottom of your door where road salt, sand, or precipitation can accumulate. If you spot rust, first check your door’s warranty. A lot of plans cover rust repair so it’s best to allow a professional to deal with the damage. Depending on the amount of rust damage, you might just need to replace a panel. In the worst case scenario, you’d need to replace the entire garage door.

Check The Door’s Balance

If your garage door is imbalanced, not only can that wear out parts prematurely, it can also reduce overall performance.

To check the balance of your garage door, first close it completely and disconnect it from the automatic opener. Then, manually open your garage door until it is about halfway open. Let go of the door and observe it from several feet away.

If your commercial garage door moves up or falls to the ground, it is imbalanced and you will need to contact a professional to replace the springs and look for other signs of possible wear.

Check The Weather Seals

Installing weatherstripping around and under your commercial garage door can keep out drafts and pests, and even help lower your energy bill. Checking this seal at least twice a year when the door is closed can help detect any small issues before they turn into bigger problems. You will want to call a professional garage door expert to replace your weatherstripping if you see any of the following signs of wear:

Check The Door’s Insulation

Modern garage doors normally come with insulation made from polyurethane or polystyrene wedged between two steel or wood panels. This added protection helps keep your workplace comfortable and your utility bills low. It also helps your commercial garage door withstand heavy winds. If you feel drafts coming in and see a spike in your energy bills, you might need to look into having your garage door replaced. If you have an older door, upgrading to an energy-efficient one can save money over time and offer more protection.

Lubricate Hinges, Rollers, & Springs

The metal parts in your garage door need lubrication to continue operating smoothly. Be sure to remove all of the dust and debris before applying a lubricant. Double-check to make sure you are using a product specifically designed for your garage door’s material and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the lubricant properly.

24 Hour Garage Door Repair in Winder, GA

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