What Is a Fire-Rated Door?

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A fire-rated door, also commonly known as a fire-resistant door, is created from several special materials that work together to slow or stop the spread of flames, smoke, and sometimes even radiant and conductive heat transfer.

Although these doors can provide you with additional time to exit the burning structure by containing the fire and smoke, it is important to recognize that they are not completely fireproof and the fire will eventually burn through the door.

What is a Fire-rated Door? It slows down flames and smoke.

Different Types of Commercial Fire-Rated Doors

Just like common household doors, commercial fire-rated doors come in a variety of distinctive styles and materials. Unlike their residential counterparts, however, they also include several different fire ratings. Some of the fire-rated door options available include:

Materials & Styles

Fire Ratings

A Fire Rating System is used to see approximately how long the door can withstand an actual fire.

Please note that fire-rated doors are not 100% fireproof and you should still evacuate the building immediately if there is a fire present.

Additional Benefits of Having Fire-Rated Doors

You have already learned that fire-rated doors can allow you additional time to escape a burning structure. These precious extra minutes can genuinely be the difference between life and death. There are other beneficial perks to installing fire-rated doors as well.

They can reduce potential damage to your property and assets.

Although a fire-rated door cannot provide complete protection against a fire, it can dramatically reduce the amount of damage to your business property and everything in it.

They provide soundproofing.

Fire-rated doors are not only very heavy and thick, their insulating features provide soundproofing. This is a great additional benefit for buildings that have equipment that generate a lot of noise.

 They offer extra security.

Fire-rated doors are built from very sturdy material and are exceptionally difficult to break into, making them perfect for providing additional protection against burglars and other threats.

Industries That Benefit From Fire-Rated Doors

No two industries are exactly alike and neither are the specific concerns regarding fire safety. Different businesses require particular, and often advanced, levels of fire protection. Some of the industries that benefit the most from installing fire-rated doors include:

Quality Commercial Doors in Bogart, Ga

Select Door Service has been providing 24-hour commercial dock, door, gate, and grille services in Bogart and the surrounding areas for over 18 years. Not only can our highly trained team of professionals assist you in finding the perfect fire-rated doors for your businesses, but we also offer several additional services including the installation of hollow metal doors.

Hollow metal doors, accompanied by hollow metal door frames, are the most popular choice for police stations, government buildings, and factories. Hollow metal doors repel damage by absorbing any impact and keeping it contained within themselves while their solid metal counterpart might crack or break. These doors offer high security, long durability, and are a very affordable option.

Fire-rated doors can be placed anywhere around your business: they can be exterior or interior doors, include wire glass, or be installed as garage doors, overhead doors, or otherwise. Our experts will conduct your fire door installation to the highest quality and according to your building codes.

Professional Door Services in Bogart, GA.

Whether you are starting a new business or giving your current structure a facelift, the dedicated team at Select Door Service is here to guide you through all the options available to make sure you are completely delighted with your service from start to finish.

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