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For fast, reliable residential or commercial garage door service in Athens, Georgia, turn to the team of professionals at Select Door Service. Our garage door technicians are up-to-date on all the best methods to quickly repair your overhead door and maximize its longevity. During our service call, we’ll perform an analysis to determine your garage door problems and provide a free estimate on the cost of repairs.
We offer 24-hour support and a dedicated Account Manager to provide you with exceptional service you won’t find anywhere else. Call Now: (678) 977-1866 

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24 Hour Emergency Service

Select Door Service of Athens, GA specializes in 24 hour emergency repair for a variety of problems.  From the garage door getting stuck, to broken springs, or the door coming off the track, Select Door Service is here when you are in need of emergency garage door repair. 

Take a look at a few of these common problems and give us a call.

My garage door is stuck

Regardless of where the garage door gets stuck, it’s always a problem.  If the garage door is stuck in the middle (midway or halfway), this can prevent a vehicle from entering or exiting the garage.   The garage door may get stuck in the closed position, and this can result in the inability to park your vehicle, or get out of the building in case of an emergency.  The door can also get stuck while fully open, resulting in exposing any personal items and a loss in safety.

Broken Springs

If your garage door has broken springs, you may still be able to open it, however, it’s often recommended to contact a professional.  Garage doors are heavy, and lifting the door with broken springs can be dangerous.  You may risk pinching your finger, or worse.   You never want to open a garage door with a broken spring via the automatic operator, because you risk unnecessary damage to both the operator and the door.   You may also risk causing the motor to fall off the ceiling, causing a more expensive fix than to start with.  Select Door Service highly recommends contacting a professional immediately in order to make sure you stay safe.

One of the most common reasonf for a spring to fail usually has to do with general wear and tear.  Often times, the garage door torsion spring fails, causing you to be unable to open or close the door due to the pressure.

A garage door spring has the average life of 7 – 9 years, and that is on the basis that they’ve made 10k cycles.  Keep in mind this is only a general estimate, and that time can be longer or shorter, depending on the amount of cycles and how often the door is used.  That isn’t to say that a spring won’t last for less than a year – sometimes, there are defective materials in the product, causing them to have an even shorter life expectancy than normal.

My garage door won’t close

If your garage door won’t close, there are a few things you can that will help us in evaluating the situation.  The first thing you’ll want to do is check the Safety sensor.

If you’re using a remote control, please double check the remote batteries.

If everything seems okay there, the next step is to try the wall station.  After that, use the manual release cord.  If the door is still stuck after attempting all of these, call Select Door Service today.

Warehouse Loading Dock Repair

When your run a warehouse, you cannot afford downtime.  Warehouses that are open 24/7 may experience an emergency after hours.  These emergencies may include:

Call Select Door Service at (678) 977-1866  if you’re warehouse loading dock equipment has stopped working.

The garage door won’t release

Sometimes, the garage door gets stuck and you cannot open the door or close the door.  In this type of situation, you may not be able to get inside a building, or you may not be able to exit.  You also may have equipment stuck inside the facility, and without opening the door, are unable to access the supplies.  Get help ASAP when the garage door won’t release.

Bent garage door

A bent garage door are usually caused by collision accidents, and may cause the door to get stuck.  A bent garage door can cause the door to get stuck in the open , midway, or closed position, and this can cause your personal property to become exposed to the elements.

Often, these doors have to be replaced, however, we may be able to repair the door (based on the bend).  Contact Select Door Service today to learn more about the different options available to you when your garage door gets bent by collision or other force of nature.

The garage door came off the track

When the garage door comes off the tracks, this can be very dangerous.  What do you do if the door comes off the tracks?

  1. Do not attempt repairs yourself.  The doors are often heavy, and can cause physical harm if you try the repair yourself
  2. Take photos and documentation, and if possible, move any vital pieces of equipment out of the way as quickly as possible in case the door falls off of the track completely.
  3. If the door looks like it is about to fall off the track, do not go under the door.  Call a technician immediately.
  4. Contact Select Door Service for an experienced professional to help with getting your garage door back on track.


Our maintenance program keeps your residential or commercial door safe, secure, and operational. The benefits of our program include extended equipment life and many discounts that help you save on repairs. Your garage door will be thoroughly inspected by our team of expert technicians. Our program focuses on the following repairs and maintenance:


Rollers can become worn, causing lots of noise upon opening and closing. A faulty roller can also cause a garage door to come off track. To prevent these problems, we can repair and completely replace the rollers.


Usually, there are two springs installed with a garage door. Even if one spring is faulty, we recommend replacing both of them. Spring replacement should be performed by trained professionals. Give us a call and one of our technicians will get the job done safely and quickly.


Cables are prone to fraying and need to inspected for replacement.  Cables hold a primary function in door operation and need to inspected annually.


We take safety seriously and keep you out of harm’s way by adjusting your garage door tracks, loosening or tightening track screws.


Garage door panels can receive some serious wear and tear over the years. Whether you’re dealing with panels reaching the end of their lifespan or there was accident damage, we can replace panels and match them to the same colors.


Your garage door might take longer to open or not open at all due to faulty wireless keypads and depleted batteries. We offer repair and replacement of keypads and related accessories.