Commercial Automatic Door Installation and Repairs

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Commercial Automatic Doors

Automatic doors do more than just look good. They welcome visitors, guide traffic, and help preserve the indoor climate of your building. In this post-Covid world, we live in, they also offer touchless entry to prioritize a safer, more hygienic environment. At Select Door Service, we offer a wide range of automatic access systems, allowing you to customize any entrance within your facility to best meet the needs of your staff, customers, or patients.

What Is An Automatic Door?

Just as the name suggests, an automatic door is a door that opens automatically and provides a hands-free entrance into a building. These doors are often used in hospitals, supermarkets, and other retail stores.

Automatic Commercial Doors – AADM Certified

Types Of Automatic Commercial Doors

There are four common types of automatic doors for commercial businesses.

  • Automatic Sliding Doors

    One of the most commonly used types of automatic doors is the sliding variety. There are several options for this door including single sliders, bi-sliders, or telescopic sliding doors. Telescopic sliding doors have a multi-panel system where one panel slides on top of the next until the entryway is completely open.

    These doors work best in areas of two-way traffic where there isn’t a designated entry or exit. These doors are a great fit for groceries stores, hospitals, and shopping malls.

  • Automatic Swinging Doors

    These doors are best used for one way traffic or in areas where there are designated places to exit or enter the building. You have your choice of either a single or double door and whether it swings in or out. Automatic swinging doors are not a great choice if you have limited space because you will need to have a clearing for the doors when they are fully open. This option is popular with retail businesses and public buildings.

  • Automatic Folding Doors

    Automatic folding doors open and close like an accordion making them the best choice if you need to take up as little space as possible. You can choose either single or bi-folding. These doors are also a good option if you need to be cautious of what is on the other side. Automatic folding doors are generally used for hospitals, physicians offices, and warehouses.

  • Automatic Revolving Doors

    Revolving doors are a great option when you want to conserve energy. These popular doors prevent precious heating or air conditioning from escaping the building since the entrances are never fully open at any given time. Automatic revolving doors are available in two, three, and four wings typically made from glass. These doors allow a large number of people to enter or exit a building so they make a great choice for large office buildings, hotels, and shopping centers.

Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are both aesthetically pleasing and convenient. They also offer additional benefits including:

  • Accessibility

    Automatic doors offer much needed convenience to anyone who uses them. From travelers with baggage in both hands, to those using pushchairs or wheelchairs, to parents pushing their baby in a stroller, these doors allow everyone to enter and exit with ease.

  • Saves Energy

    Since these doors only open when necessary and then close immediately behind each user, they stay primarily closed keeping the heating or cooling in the building where it belongs. This prevents the HVAC system from using excess energy to maintain the correct temperature.

  • Easy To Use & Maintain

    Once these doors are installed, they need very little upkeep to continue looking and performing like new.

  • Hygiene Control

    One thing we learned from Covid-19 is that keeping your hands clean is more important than ever. These doors allow for a hands-free experience, preventing the spread of germs. Some automatic doors have air-tight functions that can also prevent dirt, dust, and other airborne debris from entering the room.

  • Better Security

    Automatic doors can be controlled remotely by security personnel who can grant access to specific people or completely deactivate the door to prevent people from entering. These doors can also be set to stay open which is perfect for emergency situations when evacuation is necessary.

  • Save Space

    Telescopic doors and automatic sliding doors for commercial properties are perfect when you’re space is limited. A manual swing door would eliminate much-needed space and potentially cause an accident.

  • Attractive First Impression

    The first thing visitors will see is your entryway door. Automatic doors offer accessibility, convenience, and all-around elegance to the entrance of your building. Visitors can walk directly through without having to fumble with opening the door making it a positive experience from the moment they walk in.

Automatic Garage Door Installations – Athens, GA

If you have been on the hunt for dependable automatic garage door installation, you’ve found it. Select Door Service has been servicing the fine folks of Athens and the surrounding area for over 18 years. As one of the best commercial overhead door companies in the area, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional garage door installation services and look forward to providing local businesses with the high-quality equipment they need.

Whether you need a garage door repaired, a garage door opener installed, door springs replaced, or would like to explore automatic door solutions, our team would be more than happy to help you.

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Commercial Automatic Sliding Doors Uses

Automatic sliding door systems have the potential to be used in a variety of commercial settings. Here are just a few of the businesses that can benefit from automatic doors:

  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Retail locations
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Golf clubs
  • Industrial businesses

Different Types of Automatic Doors We Offer

At Select Door Service, we’re proud to provide a full range of automatic door systems, including:

  • Uniturn doors
  • Sliding ICU doors
  • Large revolving doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • Rotating glass door
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Single sliding doors
  • Forced entry resistant doors

If you’re not sure what kind of doors you need, one of our team members can discuss your options with you and help you decide on the model that will be best for your business.

No matter your industry, where the door is located, or what type of facility you have, we can find the best solution for you. Call 678-977-1866 to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Expert Door Installation

Once you decide on an automatic door system, Select Door Service will install your door to ensure a perfect fit.

Although our doors are built to last, you may still need occasional maintenance to ensure they’re in good working order. Should you ever need repairs, you can count on our team to make things right. We have years of experience repairing automatic door systems, and we have the parts supply to make professional repairs quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Door Solutions in Athens, GA

When you decide to install an automatic door system in your business, trust the professionals at Select Door Service. Our technicians are highly-trained experts in their field, and they’re prepared to go the extra mile to give you exceptional service.

Call us at 678-977-1866 to learn more about our selection of commercial doors.

Automatic Doors are ideal solutions for

Accordion Content
Retrofit transmitters eliminate the need for additional power wires, making retrofitting easy. They also provide touchless surfaces to reduce the number of surfaces that could harbor germs and increase the spread of viruses and bacteria.
Touchless devices reduce the number of surfaces that could harbor germs and increase the spread of viruses and bacteria.
Accordion Content

Touchless devices create a more accessible environment and are perfect in high traffic areas for those who may not be able to open the door by

Sliding Doors
Sleek and adaptable, commercial automatic sliding door systems create a welcoming and functional entryway to any business.
Swing Door Systems
Exterior and interior swinging doors provide flexibility, efficiency, and automated convenience for every entrance.
ICU Doors
In critical hospital environments safe, efficient patient care requires a versatile option of ICU doors.
Folding Doors
When space is limited, you can look to commercial automatic folding doors for maximum door opening.